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Connect with your audience through

Digital Coupons, Vouchers and Loyalty Cards.

Create Coupons

Understand every step of the way

Launch Coupons

Web Analytics with lot of cool features and tracking data.

Analyze Coupons

Promoting Media across different platforms & stuff.

A Platform Foundation Built For Scale and Foresight

Hyper-personalize your digital offers for each client and offer wonderful, digital experiences. Furthermore, you gather more actionable customer data and insights to fine tune future Mobile Marketing Campaigns.




Digital Coupons are the ultimate traffic generators. They bring people into your business.

Easily collect customer data by adding specific claim methods that have to be fulfilled to unlock the discount.

Furthermore, digital coupons provide you with an excellent overview of your ROI.

  • Create
  • Distribute
  • Validate
  • Analyze

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Successful Projects. Satisfied Customers

Successful Satisfied

Projects Customers


Digital Payment Vouchers are convenient to receive payments through a Digital Voucher. It's perfect for generating revenue quickly and opens the possibility of delivering goods later on.

Furthermore, it's easy to set up where and when the Voucher can be redeemed and gathers a lot of customer insights.

  • Gift Cards
  • Digital Payment Vouchers
  • Moblie Fundraising


Marketing Department

A Digital Coupon Directory is a collection of all your digital campaigns in one app. It’s the perfect tool to group discounts when you’re offering multiple discounts at once.

It’s very dynamic and easy to add or delete campaigns. Furthermore, you only have to advertise one Digital Coupon Directory instead of all your deals separately.

  • Create campaigns
  • Add campaigns to A Directory
  • Publish Directory


Context Ads

Customize all the content that you customer needs to know about your offer.

Loyalty Cards

Add tracking codes to get specific with your targeting.


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Data Analysis

Tons of data to help your business grow.

Share, Link or Embed Your offers

Share coupons to Facebook and other social media platforms. Embed you directories in you websites, or funnels.

Launch Offers

Launch your offers with ease and precision. Just a click of the button and your offer is live.



Digital Coupons

Lite campaign builder

Basic distribution & validation methods



Digital Vouchers

Loyalty Cards

Advanced distribution methods

Advanced campaign builder

Advanced integrations

+ Essentials features



Custom Integrations Webhooks

Coupon directories

Chat + email + phone support

Dedicated customer success manager

Slack support channel

+ Essentials & Basic features


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CRM Integration/Level Up

Custom email or SMS Integration

Graphic design

Project management

Developer Support

+The whole sha-bang

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